Geotab – 4G-compatible ELD & Harness Combo for Volvos 2014 & newer vehicles.


Includes the Geotab GO9 – 4G-compatible ELD & harness combo: HRN-CM24Y1 (+) HRN-CE10K2 for Volvos 2014 & newer vehicles.

Please be aware that order processing times are between 3 to 5 business days, plus shipping time.

**This device replaces the outgoing 3G-compatible model.

The Geotab GO9 ELD is a small form-factor vehicle tracking device that plugs directly into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. It’s easy to install with no antenna or wire-splicing required. It operates on 4G/LTE cellular bands and includes an updated GPS module with enhanced location data accuracy.

Includes the Geotab GO9 and harness combo: HRN-CM24Y1 with HRN-CE10K2 for Volvos 2014 and newer trucks.

Volvos 2014 and newer require a combination harness HRN-CM24Y1 (+) HRN-CE10K2 – this bundle includes the required harness combo and Geotab replacement device.

New Geotab 4G (GO9) replacement devices using a standard 16-pin harness are not compatible with 2014 or newer Volvo trucks. When replacing an installed 3G device with a new 4G device, combo harnesses HRN-CM24Y1 (+) HRN-CE10K2 should be ordered and installed to avoid a potential thermal issue.

Failure to purchase and install the correct harness in your Volvo may result in damage to the device and or vehicle.

– Please include your current device serial number (example:G7xxxxxxxxxx), this is the current 3G device that you are replacing. – All device serial numbers start with a G. Do not include the dashes below. All Serial #s use zeros.

– Please include your vehicle’s VIN for harness validation.



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